Overnight Guests

Dog Days provides overnight accommodations for dogs in a cage-free environment. Dogs may be crated at the owner’s request. Dogs are always supervised while in our care. Space is limited to prevent overcrowding.

Dogs who stay overnight are guaranteed at least four walks in a 24 hour period. Each guest is provided a 30 minute walk in the morning and again in the evening with relief walks as needed, but with at least two given, during the day. Guest fee includes day care services at no additional cost. Every guest receives individual attention.

Please make sure to include your dogs food and medications for the duration of your pet’s stay to maintain consistency in their diet and health.

Overnight rates are for a 24-hour period. Beyond a 24-hour period, day care rates apply. Dogs must be dropped off by 5pm on the first night of their stay. Dogs must be picked up by 7:30pm at the end of their stay or an additional overnight charge will apply. All dogs must be current in their vaccinations including Bordatella. Reservations are required.