Day Care Services

We believe it is important that over the course of a day dogs are provided with a balance between time to socialize and exercise but also to relax to avoid over-stimulation and exhaustion. Our approach is intended to direct increased energy levels into safe and engaging activities and to keep dogs physically and mentally engaged. Showing affection, throwing a ball and providing individual attention over the course of the day is an important part of our responsibility.

Our large supervised private dog runs give dogs enough room to exercise. Dogs are grouped based on several criteria with size being one, but temperament being the most important. The play space can be divided into multiple play areas. No more than a dozen dogs are grouped together and there is at least one person supervising every group. Water is provided during the day as are relief walks. No more than two large dogs or three small dogs are ever walked at the same time. Dogs are also provided with periods to relax and nap in our lounge over the course of the day.

Day care is not appropriate for every dog so new dogs are temperament tested on their first visit to ensure that daycare is the appropriate environment for them. All dogs must also be up to date on their vaccinations including bordatella which must be administered every six months in accordance with Department of Health regulations.

Space is limited so reservations are required. We will not be able to take more dogs than we can care for on a given day.