Our Philosophy

Dog Days of New York is owned and operated by local dog owners and was created based on a shared set of beliefs. We believe dogs:

Benefit greatly from exercise and socialization in groups but only when those groups are reasonably sized and appropriately supervised.
Should be cared for in space that has natural light, is not hidden from view and is maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness.
Need to not only be supervised but engaged during the day, with appropriate periods of rest and play.
Should never be left unsupervised while in someone else's care whether it is day or night.
Should be provided water throughout the day.
Should not pass an entire day without a walk.
Are better behaved when they aren't placed in situations to prove us wrong.
Are unique, with their own personalities, so no one solution is appropriate for all dogs.
Should be treated by dog care providers as well as we treat them ourselves. It is not possible to spoil a well-behaved dog.

Following this simple set of beliefs has resulted in the creation of a facility for dogs unlike any other in the neighborhood. We think your dog will love it...and we think you will too.