How To Enroll

Before using our daycare or overnight boarding services, your pet must complete our enrollment process.

STEP 1: SUBMIT VACCINATION RECORDS.  To get started on the enrollment process, please forward us your pet’s vaccination records, or have your veterinarian forward them to us.  We require that all dogs using our services be vaccinated for Bordatella and DHPP or DA2PP.  Dogs over six months of age must also be vaccinated for Rabies.  Vaccination records can be forwarded to us by fax (347-862-9427) or e-mail (  All adult dogs must be spayed or neutered to use our services.

STEP 2: COMPLETE YOUR INTRODUCTORY VISIT.  Once we have your vaccination records, we will reach out to you to schedule a one -hour complimentary visit.  This visit gives us an opportunity to assess your dog’s temperament and observe their interactions with other dogs without you present. We also use this opportunity to create a short positive visit for your dog, which will make more extended stays easier and less stressful for them.   Assuming the visit goes well, you are free to start daycare for your pet.  We do require all dogs to complete at least two days of daycare before boarding overnight with us.

STEP 3: COMPLETE CLIENT ENROLLMENT FORM.  Prior to dropping off your dog for daycare, we ask that you complete our client enrollment form which includes information about you and your pet, credit card authorization and our client services agreement.