In selecting a location, and in creating a facility for Dog Days of New York, we made all our decisions based on our shared beliefs of what a dog care facility should be and what we felt was appropriate for our own dogs in a dog daycare environment. Not only will you see these beliefs reflected in our facility in both large and small ways but you will see how it sets us apart from other dog care facilities.

Below are images of our large play area taken facing East, North and South, respectivey.

Selecting A Location

Dog Days of New York, located at 2581 Broadway, occupies the entire second floor of a two story building on the northwest corner of Broadway and 97th Street. With a total square footage of just under 2,500 square feet, this landmarked building, built in 1901, has unique structural elements that makes it a great dog care location.

Natural Light floods the facility thanks to a long expanse of windows, measuring seven feet tall and facing east and south. We have no basement and no dog is cared for in windowless space. With the exception of a bathroom and coat closet (for people not dogs), there is no windowless space in the facility.

A Structurally Uninterrupted Space , non-existent in most commercial spaces, allows for the creation of large play areas without any blind spots which would limit the ability to supervise activities in the play area. Not only are there no columns in the 100 foot long length of the space, but there are also no columns in the 23-1/2 foot wide expanse. This creates a very open outdoor feeling in an indoor space.

High Ceiling Heights
of more than twelve feet not only give the space a more a more open feeling but makes the space more functional for dogs. After all, what good is a play space for dogs if the ceilings are too low to throw a ball?

Below are images of our recption area as well as North and South facing views of our dog lounge.

Creating a Facility

Our facility wasn't created with just a set of beliefs. It was also created with years of experinence thanks to the work of a nationally recognized architectural firm, retained by us, that specializes in animal care facilities. Local examples of their work include Gotham Veterinary Center which opened last year on Columbus Avenue and Fifth Avenue Veterinary in Chelsea, a twenty four hour critical care facility for animals. More than 80% of the space at Dog Days of New York is allocated to play and rest areas for dogs. The remaining space includes a grooming facility, retail and reception area and storage.

Complete Transparency. To us, it makes no sense that a dog care company should hide the most important product they sell -- their dog care services. As dog owners, we don't like when our dogs are kept out of view all day or when we are asked to wait to tour a facility. We've put an end to that. We want dog owners to be able to see their dogs. When you enter our facility, you enter the retail and reception area. Behind the reception desk we provide full visibility into the play and rest areas.

It is not only what is seen that relects the attention to detail that was part of creating our facility. It is also what is not seen that makes our facility different.

Hospital-grade air filtration has been installed because we found that carbon filters, the industry standard, wasn't enough. While carbon filters are effective at removing dander, odors and other allergens in the air, even the best carbon filters cannot effectively remove germs or bacteria from the air. In addition to carbon filters, we will be using UV emitters to kill bacteria in the air to help prevent the spread of disease.